Our Gift to the Community

In recognition and celebration of Welborn Baptist Foundation’s 20th year of catalyzing and partnering for impact, the Foundation is proud to present a gift to the community with the opening of the Welborn Community Room and the Collaboration Hub.

In response to the identified need in our community for training and collaboration space, particularly for the nonprofit sector, Welborn has created two unique spaces that combine adaptability, functionality, and beautiful panoramic views of the communities we’re partnering to serve.

“With our recent move to the 5/3 building in Downtown Evansville, we can help to satisfy the need for training and collaboration space,” says Pat Creech, Welborn Baptist Foundation CEO & Executive Director. “We want to minimize the barriers that keep that collaboration from happening and maximize the impact that comes as a result and these new spaces will help to fill that need.”

The Welborn Community Room is a 1,100 square foot space that’s been designed to host training events and meetings. Including a large, caterer-ready kitchen, technology for in-room presentation and web conferencing, and adaptable furniture, the Welborn Community Room is capable of accommodating a variety of scenarios.

The Collaboration Hub is a 500 square foot space designed for collaboration and consulting.  Within the Collaboration Hub, there is casual work and gathering space, two private huddle rooms, and a hospitality kitchenette.  Like the Welborn Community Room, the Collaboration Hub also has technology for in-room presentation and web conferencing.

These two rooms combine for over 1,600 square feet of space that can be adapted to suit a variety of scenarios, including classroom-style training, board meetings, banquet seating, collaboration space, and small, private meetings. These new spaces also feature the latest technology for in-room presentations as well as virtual communication.

“Collaboration is key to advancing sustainable and equitable change in our community,” says Candice Perry, Nonprofit Excellence Program Officer.  “We believe these two spaces will create the right environment for community and collaboration.”

To learn more about our gift to the community, click here.