Experience Corps Experience

Experience Corps Experience

“They [students] enjoy having that positive interaction…and in the process become stronger and more confident readers.”

Second Grade, Elementary School Teacher

These are stories from senior tutors, teachers, and school administrators speak to the importance and impact of Experience Corps:

“I really enjoy my volunteering with AARP Foundation Experience Corps. I am able to mentor the kids at Lincoln School, my former school. It is a pleasure to see the students, ready to learn.” – Tutor Volunteer

“Our second grade has benefited greatly from having Experience Corps work with our students. Students are placed in a group of two to work with a volunteer. Our students get excited every time their volunteer comes to get them. They enjoy having that positive interaction with the volunteer and in the process become stronger and more confident readers. The students that have been in the program have gained several reading levels so far this year.” – Second Grade, Elementary School Teacher

“I met many fantastic adults, who like me, enjoy working with young children. We older adults also share a bond with each other. We do not hesitate to check on one another and associate when we can.” – Tutor Volunteer

“The AARP Experience Corps has been a blessing for our school. These volunteers come into our school with open hearts and open minds and pass along their knowledge to our students. During our time with AARP Experience Corps our teachers have benefited greatly through the ability to do more small group instruction for some of our most needy students. The students who work with our volunteers enjoy the great activities and learning opportunities that our volunteers provide for them. This is a partnership that I hope we can continue for a long time.” – Elementary School Principal

About Carver Experience Corps

The program’s goal is to help students in kindergarten through 3rd grade to read at grade level. To do this, Experience Corps implements a structured literacy program with a focus on fluency using senior volunteer tutors. Components of the Experience Corps model include: 

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