This joint participation facilitates embedding the learnings into both staff and the full board. Each successive year builds on the basic topics covered in the year prior with the intention of building board culture and staff/board alignment. There are 4 “advancing” levels, with an “alumni” opportunity which is an opportunity for agencies previously engaged to begin again if leadership has changed or if other members of leadership have been identified for attendance to assist the organization with embedding the learning. Two members (board president or designated board member and ED), partner through this cohort-based learning experience, building communication effectiveness and implementation strength. In Sustain Abilities, the focus is on more engaged boards, building board culture, deeper donor relationships, with a financial plan developed by the end of the program, working toward long-term sustainability. Such things as capital campaign readiness assessment, donor communications, and planned giving are discussed. The deliverables at the end of the program is a richer understanding of the success factors and an action plan for incorporating them into the board and staff “DNA”. (Outcome measurement provided by JDLA).

Duration: Six sessions over one year
Participants: Executive Director & Board Chair