Nonprofit Excellence

We believe that Nonprofit organizations are the lifeblood of our community. They serve as the front lines in meeting the diverse needs within any community, providing resources, services and/or tools in specific areas of need. They’re driven by passion and a desire to tackle social issues and bring positive changes to people and communities. The growing number of nonprofits multiplies these issues and brings unique challenges for brand new organizations. For all these reasons, systematic, comprehensive, affordable training and leadership capacity-building opportunities are critically important for both staff and board members – equipping this next generation to lead and govern.  Armed with effective leadership, nonprofits will be more likely to sustainably thrive.

After financial needs, nonprofits identify leadership & staff professional development as the highest need of their organization.

Results from our 2018 Greater Evansville Nonprofit Survey

Our Investment

Success in enhancing the profile of nonprofit leadership (board and staff) will be reflected in this community change:  

More effective leaders creating lasting impact in organizations, within their service sector, the larger nonprofit sector, and the community.

The Foundation has identified 3 specific priorities: 

Path to Impact

Our Path to Impact is the process by which the positive change that we believe our communities need will be realized through the focus on the priorities listed above

“My participation in this course has strengthened my knowledge and skillset to be more well-rounded and proficient in my abilities to lead my institution.” –  NPE Cohort Learning Participant

Growth Opportunities

Sustain Abilities

Next Generation Leadership Academy

Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management

Next Generation Board Leadership Academy

Global Leadership Summit

Evansville Area Fundraising Council