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Evansville, Indiana (March 8, 2016) – Welborn Baptist Foundation today announced important changes to its strategic focus and grantmaking process.

The Foundation’s strategic focus is shifting to fund change in two important categories:

  • Nonprofit Excellence, because we believe we can multiply our impact by helping to strengthen our region’s nonprofit organizations; and
  • Community Impact in three priority areas: Early Learning, Healthy Eating & Active Living, and Christ-Centered Living 

“Nonprofits are the front lines in meeting our community’s needs,” said Kevin Bain, Executive Director and CEO of Welborn Baptist Foundation. “We want to see them thrive by supporting the skills and strengths that will ensure their long-term effectiveness. In addition, we are focusing on three Community Impact areas where timely, strategic investments can make a huge difference.”

The Foundation’s emphasis on Nonprofit Excellence and Community Impact is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • More effective nonprofit organizations on the path to sustainability, with well-trained leadership at all levels
  • More children ready for kindergarten and meeting benchmarks by third grade
  • Fewer people with weight-related chronic diseases through healthier eating and more active living
  • More professing Christians engaging in discipleship, evangelism and service

The Foundation has also modified its grant cycle to be 24 months, staggered among its three priority areas. This approach will encourage more long-term planning and allow the Foundation to partner more closely with grantees.

The Foundation’s Early Learning grant cycle will begin on March 22, 2016, with inquiries for funding consideration due on May 6, 2016.  Grant cycles for Healthy Eating & Active Living and Christ-Centered Living will open in 2017.  Nonprofit Excellence opportunities will be announced over the next several months.  More information about the Foundation’s approach and process is available at

“We appreciate the hard work and commitment of all of our partners and grantees over the years,” Bain added. “We believe that focusing on nonprofit excellence and these critical areas will enable the Foundation to have the greatest possible impact on the Tri-State community.”

About Welborn Baptist Foundation

The Welborn Baptist Foundation is a private healthcare conversion foundation created in 1999.  Since its inception, the Foundation has provided over $50 million to nonprofits in Southwestern Indiana, Southeastern Illinois, and Western Kentucky. 

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