Impact Stories

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  • Experience Corps Experience
    “They [students] enjoy having that positive interaction…and in the process become stronger and more confident readers.” Second Grade, Elementary School […]
  • Ellen’s Story
    “The biggest relief came when I regained custody of my son…” Ellen, A Family Cares Services and GAIN Initiative Participant […]
  • Bedford Collab
    “Now they have someone who’s backing them, giving them the opportunity to grow from their house into their own business.” […]
  • Transformation through Trash Pick-up
    Transformation through Trash Pick-up Restoring spaces is a tangible picture of flourishing in the community, moving from chaos to order. […]
  • A Neighbor Decides to Stay
    A Neighbor Decides to Stay Community One acquired an abandoned rental house through their whole-house rehab program. Alongside volunteers and […]
  • A Neighbor Beautifies His Neighborhood
    A Neighbor Beautifies His Neighborhood Now, Will is more connected to Tepe Park… Community One held an art pop-up in […]
  • A Peacemaker Saves a Life
    A Peacemaker Saves a Life Because the Peacemaker had relationships with these girls, could witness their behaviors at school, and […]
  • A Mom’s Path Toward Stability
    When Potter’s Wheel staff shared with Sarah their Kids Zone Promise and what they are committing to do for her […]