Greater Evansville Health Survey

Greater Evansville Health Survey – 2021 Edition

Since 2008, The Welborn Baptist Foundation has periodically commissioned large-scale, multi-county health surveys. The 2021 Greater Evansville Health Survey (GEHS) represents the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to providing useful regional data on chronic disease prevalence, overall health status, health behaviors, and access to health care.

Chronic disease and related markers are indicators of the general health of the population. A high rate of disease places considerable burden on a population causing disability, poor quality of life, premature death, enormous personal expense, and high costs to our health care system. The course of many disease conditions can be slowed or corrected with an emphasis on healthy behaviors, environment improvements, and screening programs for early detection. Through this data, we hope to create awareness of local health-related concerns and to motivate action towards healthy and active living.

This matters because …

It is important for all of us to stay aware of the changing landscape of health and health care, to celebrate and join positive momentum, to stay ahead of evolving challenges and threats, and to know where our attention is most urgently needed. This information can be a powerful tool and it should be used to impact decisions such as the development of policy and programming aimed at preventing and mitigating chronic disease.

GEHS Executive Summary