Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management

The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management course is designed to assist participants’ understanding in the foundational components of a nonprofit. Although staff and board members may have varying degrees of experience and expertise, a shared learning experience on the essential framework can assist a collective approach with the desired outcome of increasing the ability to effectively manage a nonprofit, thereby establishing and strengthening the organization. The intended audience is that of one consistent staff member (executive director) and a consistent board member (in most cases it will be the board chair) who partner through a “linked module” cohort learning of 6, one-day sessions covering such areas as: Governance and Leadership, Planning and Evaluation, Marketing and Communication, Fundraising, Managing Human Resources & Compliance, Volunteer Management and Finance. We hope for participants to engage with an inclusive lens so as to be mindful of their organization’s stakeholders and diverse potential client populations as they gain insight.

Duration: 6, 1-day sessions over 8 months
Participant: Staff & Board representation