Equity vs Equality

This image has become commonly used in illustrating the difference between equity and equality.  The basic message is that equality is providing the same solutions to overcoming obstacles without full consideration of an individual’s (or group’s) unique circumstances.  In order to provide equitable solutions, each individual (or group) must be provided the necessary means based on their unique set of circumstances.

This article published by the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University provides a deeper look at this topic.  What’s the difference between Equity and Equality?

As we consider our community, let’s consider what equity looks like.  And, if we see the opportunity, perhaps we can take it a step further and tear the fences down.

This matters because…

We must understand the difference between equality and equity if we are to solve root problems. When we provide individuals (and groups) the access and resources they need according to their own, unique set of circumstances (Equity), we’re providing them with the greatest opportunity to succeed.