Community Speaking Opportunities

A couple of events took place in the month of October that allowed Pat to represent the Foundation and to share his thoughts on what’s happening in our community.

On October 1st, nonprofit leaders from each of the levels of our SustainAbilities cohort gathered together to network and have the opportunity to hear from Pat, his thoughts and vision for our community and the roles that the nonprofit organizations play in it. 

This forum gave these nonprofit leaders the opportunity to ask Pat direct questions.  Pat shared some of his background in the for-profit marketplace as well as his church ministry experience.  Questions included:

  1. Who is Pat Creech?
  2. What has been the biggest challenge changing from a very outreach driven the church to a foundation?
  3. What are a few things he knows now that he believes would have helped him in the previous roles that he has already learned from the foundation world?
  4. What is his vision for WBF and his leadership?

Attendees also had the opportunity to interact with each other and, as a result, we’ve heard stories of organizations finding ways to support each other.  The following came from Cheryl Simmons, Executive Director of Weekday Christian Education,

“I loved spending some time with the ladies at my table and I was able to meet Regina Hamman from the Literacy Center.  We had a great conversation that day about an older gentleman who is using their services.  Regina shared that this gentleman’s goal is to be able to read scripture one day at his church.  This touched my heart!  We started talking about how we give our graduating Weekday Christian Education 4th graders Bibles at the end of each school year.   I talked about how much we like the NLT “Hands On Bible” and how it is easy reading for our kids.  It hit me, why not share some of our extra Bibles with the Literacy Center?  They may have other clients that would like to be able to read God’s Word.  So, we have developed a relationship with the Literacy Center and have donated Bibles for their clients to utilize. Isn’t God good?”

Pat was also invited by Mayor Winnecke to participate in a panel discussion the The Southwest Indiana Chamber’s annual Lunch with the Mayor on October 24th. The Mayor and panel discussed how intentional alignment to address issues in our community can be fostered and what the road forward looks like.  Pat shared his own perspective, stating “attendees were able to hear what our community leaders believe are the greatest issues that need addressing to help ensure the Evansville MSA is a sought after location for business and residents alike.  The challenges facing our community are complex and inter-related.  Our community leaders are excited about advancing collaborative and comprehensive solutions that will help our community flourish.”

The panel consisted of: