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Community Faith Survey



Community Faith Survey Summary

This document highlights some of the high level findings from the Community Faith Survey.

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Community Survey Presentation

This 15 minute, video presentation will guide you through some of the high level, key findings of the Community Faith Survey.

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Community Faith Survey Barna Executive Report

This Executive Report was produced by the Barna Group as a comprehensive report of the survey results.

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Community Faith Survey Promo Video

These promotional videos give a quick glimpse of the purpose of the survey and highlight the goal to start the conversation to better our community.



Survey Background

Information on faith and religion is scarce but important in order to better understand our region's faith profile. Since promoting Christian principles and supporting nonprofits aligned with those principles is an intentional focus of the Welborn Baptist Foundation, we commissioned the Barna Group to conduct a broad survey of faith identity, beliefs and behaviors in our region. This data helps inform the Foundation's strategies towards these anticipated community changes.

Christ-Centered Living Strategies

Gospel Received > More people will hear and embrace salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Gospel Learned > More people will reorient their lives around Christ through discipleship

Gospel Lived > More people will impact their environment as an outgrowth of their Christian faith

More than 1,800 adults completed the survey. At least 600 adults from Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties in Indiana and Henderson County in Kentucky were selected randomly for the study.  Any adult with a land line, cell phone or pre-paid cell phone in these counties was eligible to participate.  The region was oversampled in order to reach diverse population segments.

The Survey was completed in March 2016.

The following is a sample of some of the data revealed by the Barna research.

Gospel Received

Earlier this year, over 1,800 random adults in Vanderburgh, Warrick, and Henderson Counties were asked to identify their religious faith.

  • 8 out of 10 (83%) say they are Christian. This is about the same as the nation. (82%)
  • 1 out of 10 (13%) say they are atheist, agnostic, no faith or some other faith.
  • Just 2% of the population say they are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist.

Gospel Learned

Clearly most of our region identifies as Christian.  But, beyond the label, characteristics such as a desire to learn and internalize Christian principles help to define followers of the faith. Barna calls those who have gone one step beyond a label by assigning their faith a high level of personal importance and by engaging in some level of discipleship activities such as church involvement “practicing Christians”. 

  • Half of Christians (49%) meet this basic criteria to be practicing their Christian faith. Half of adults who call themselves Christian, say their faith is of great importance in their lives and attend church at least monthly.
  • We have more "practicing Christians" here compared to the nation. (43%)

Gospel Lived

Finally, the most important aspect of faith is how its principles are demonstrated to others.  If the world sees Christians holding strong to their beliefs, highly engaged in learning activities such as small group or Bible study, and serving others through charitable donations and volunteerism, then their identification as Christian is evidenced in actions. 

  • Only about 25% of Christians are "living out their faith" to a high degree (i.e. "Christianized" as defined by Barna). Overall, we have more highly engaged Christians in the region compared to the nation. (21%)

Join the Conversation

The Barna data highlights some opportunities.  Can you imagine the positive impact on our region if more Christians had a deeper connection to their faith?  How our region could benefit from people of faith investing themselves in collaboration towards better communities?

We will continue to develop issue specific publications and plan community conversations over the coming months.

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