Collective Impact 101

Advancing Regional Collective Impact

The Vision of the Welborn Baptist Foundation is to cultivate communities that flourish with the well-being, abundance, and peace that God desires.  As an outflow of that vision, the Foundation, in partnership with Talent 2025, will be hosting Collective Impact 101 on September 23 & 24.

We recognize the value of a cross-sector approach that goes beyond collaboration.  We see Collective Impact as a way to advance our community’s most important initiatives.

Currently, Talent 2025 is one of those important initiatives and Collective Impact provides a backdrop and context for introducing (socializing) this community betterment approach.

What is Collective Impact?

Collective impact” describes an intentional way of working together and sharing information for the purpose of solving a complex problem. – Council of nonprofits

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What is Talent 2025?

Talent 2025 is a region-wide, multi-sector collaborative effort that aspires to make the greater Evansville region the talent and economic region of choice in the Mid-west. To achieve this aspiration, Talent 2025 outlines a multi-sector collaborative approach and long-term strategy to systematically address the region’s top issues so that we can accelerate our growth and development. The Talent 2025 Initiative includes five work streams – each with its own objective, strategies, and action teams. The five work streams are:

* It is anticipated that the Educational Attainment and Poverty Level work stream strategies will be advanced through a Collective Impact approach.

Who is conducting the training?

This Collective Impact Training is being conducted by the Tamarack Institute.  Over the past 18 years, Tamarack has worked deeply at the local, regional, state/provincial and national scales to strengthen capacity to engage across multiple sectors and bring together the wisdom of both content and context experts to foster shared action on an array of complex community issues.

Central to Tamarack’s approach is a commitment to deepening engagement with learners and partners in support of their ongoing learning.  They believe people need to learn from each other’s challenges and successes, share resources, and support each other to achieve and accelerate impact.

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Through our Nonprofit Excellence Impact Area, we are working to provide education and resources to nonprofit leaders so that they are better equipped to lead with excellence and organizations can sustainably thrive.

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What can attendees expect to learn?

In this training, attendees will be introduced to the following 5 interconnected Community Change Practices:

How will the training be conducted?

The training will take place online via Zoom (Zoom meeting link to come following attendee registration)

Is there a cost?

Welborn Baptist Foundation is offering this training at no cost.

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