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When the Foundation announced our ‘passion for impact’ initiatives a couple of months ago, one key focus was our commitment to invest broadly in Nonprofit Excellence. I’m happy to announce that our first major initiative in this arena, is an incredible opportunity to help build the next generation of leadership.

Welborn Baptist Foundation has contracted with Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and the Fundraising School at the IU School of Philanthropy, to bring the Nonprofit Management Certificate program to Evansville. We’ll be piloting the program with an initial cohort of next generation leaders – those who have been Executive Directors for a short time, and those who have been identified as potential successors to a long-term ED. Here’s the commitment we’re seeking: attending six 2-day sessions from August 2016 to May 2017 on different critical success factors for leaders. Here’s the convenience: accessing this specialized executive education without out of town travel and expense. Here’s the cost: depending on the size of your organization, $1,500 or less. That’s compared to the $6,000+ it would take to obtain the certificate on your own.

Click here for more details and to be considered for this initial pilot. Spaces are very limited, so the sooner the better!

This opportunity is the first of several, designed to support the strengths and skills of nonprofit leaders. Our community thrives when its leaders are equipped to serve.

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