Before you apply…

If this is your first time to apply for funding, we first want to say Welcome!

We hope that the following information can serve as a guide to help you better understand the change that we want to see in our community and ways that we can partner with you to work toward that change…together.

What does WBF support?

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Communities flourishing with the well-being, abundance and peace that God desires.

Our Mission

To demonstrate Christ’s love through cultivating stronger communities. This will be reflected in advancing quality early learning experiences, healthy eating and active living, Christ-centered lifestyles and impactful nonprofit organizations.

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Our Guiding Principles – How we will achieve community impact together.

Meaningful grantee relationships. The Foundation practices relationship-based funding as a strategy to accelerate positive community changes and improvements. Each priority funding area has a dedicated Program Officer with content expertise. These Officers cultivate meaningful grantee/funder relationships built upon a mutual interest in growing, sustainable organizations, effective initiatives and a focus on impact.

Strong collaborations. The magnitude and complexity of community issues exceed the capacity of any one organization to address. We value increasing levels of cross-sector collaboration among organizations, funders, and other community partners.

Healthy and impactful nonprofits. Well-equipped nonprofit leadership at all levels is a fundamental driver of community impact. The Foundation offers several high-quality trainings for leaders designed to promote organizational growth and health. Our dedicated Nonprofit Excellence Officer also assesses applicants’ needs for capacity building support during each grant cycle.

Learning focused nonprofits. The Foundation fosters a culture of continuous learning, making data-driven decisions and evaluating the impact of our investments and partnerships. We value this same focus on learning for impact in the organizations we fund. Our dedicated Learning & Impact Officer also assesses applicants’ needs for evaluation support during each grant cycle.

Initiatives that work. The Foundation favors research based, best practice models based on research and evaluation proven results and we also believe in listening to residents and nonprofits with local, firsthand knowledge of the issues, needs and solutions. We want to support innovation that shows promise.

Systems level change. We believe that having a systems view of community issues is critical and we desire to influence changes at the policy, systems and environment level. We value organizations who share this understanding and desire to advance lasting solutions.

A community of neighbors. The Foundation values the Biblical construct of “loving our neighbors.” We are committed to growing our understanding of the beautiful diversity of the people and cultures in our region and to fostering equity and inclusion through our grantmaking partnerships. We value partnerships with organizations that also embrace these beliefs and demonstrate them through their own policies, practices, actions, and impact. 

Our areas of focus

Early Learning

  • More children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn.
  • More third graders will meet or exceed grade-level benchmarks for school success.

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Healthy Eating & Active Living

  • More residents of all ages are meeting the recommended guidelines for nutrition and physical activity.
  • Fewer residents of all ages will have weight-related chronic disease.

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Christ-Centered Living

  • More Christians will contribute to a flourishing community as motivated by their faith. [Ephesians 2:10]
  • More residents will flourish in their community facilitated by the work of Christians, churches and Christ-Centered Organizations. [Ephesians 4:11-12]
  • More people will hear, embrace, and orient their lives towards becoming an obedient follower of Christ. [Matthew 28:18-20]

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Nonprofit Excellence

  • More effective leaders creating lasting impact in organizations, within their service sector, the larger nonprofit sector, and the community.

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What are the eligibility requirements?

Grant Eligibility

All applicant organizations must be nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) and further defined as public charities 509(a)(1), also known as 170(b)(1)(1A) groups. Secular and faith-based nonprofit organizations are eligible for funding. Faith-based organizations are legal nonprofit entities which have either their origin in a religious organization or have been founded by individuals who share a purpose, all of which have a primary mission to further religious principles and practices through programs of philanthropic good works.

All applicant organizations, prospective programs, projects and services must be located within the geographic area previously served by Welborn Baptist Hospital. The Foundation’s funding region includes these Tri-State counties:

Dubois, Gibson, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, WarrickGallatin, Saline, Wabash, Wayne, WhiteHenderson

Review our eligibility criteria and reporting requirements.

What does the Foundation look for?

  • Mission alignment
  • Collaboration
  • Working towards impact
  • Leadership/governance prioritizes continuous learning
  • Diverse board and staff; reflective of the community being served
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Alignment with the Foundation’s funding priorities (above)
  • Address community systemic issues related to funding priorities
  • Utilization of an effective evaluation plan for continuous learning and demonstrating impact


The following are restrictions to Foundation funding. Additional restrictions may apply.

  • Scholarships, loans, grants or fellowship support directly to or for the benefit of specific individuals
  • Contests, competitions, athletics, pageants, or talent contests
  • School clubs/organizations, including, but not limited to bands, athletic or academic teams, booster clubs
  • Political, labor, military, veteran’s, international or fraternal organizations
  • Sponsorships, fundraisers, races, telethons, marathons, benefits, banquets, galas, golf tournaments, festivals, or other events
  • Scholarly, medical or scientific research
  • Propaganda or attempt to influence legislation or public election
  • Government agencies reporting to an elected or appointed official (except for schools governed by citizens boards)
  • Venture capital for competitive profit-making ventures
  • Organizations not in compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding discrimination

How can I apply for funding?

The application process is designed to be completed online. The following items can serve as a preview to the questions and format of the online application.

Grant Cycle FAQ

Application Questions