Apply for Funding

Our application process begins with an Inquiry form to determine eligibility and alignment with our Community Impact priorities. Open cycles are indicated below.

Grant cycles are structured to occur every two years. Learn more about eligibility.

Currently Closed

Early Learning (EL)

Is your primary interest to prepare children birth to age 8 for a lifetime of learning?
Inquiry Period Open Mar. 9, 2020 – May 29, 2020 [No longer accepting applications]
Currently Closed

Healthy Eating & Active Living (HEAL)

Is your primary interest to promote a lifestyle of health?
Currently Closed

Christ-Centered Living (CCL)

Is your primary interest to transform the community with the life-changing love of Christ?

Nonprofit Excellence

As part of our grant cycle processes, we evaluate the unique needs of each nonprofit organization to determine if, when, where, and how customized capacity building opportunities and resources can be developed.