A Neighbor Beautifies His Neighborhood

A Neighbor Beautifies His Neighborhood

Now, Will is more connected to Tepe Park…

Community One held an art pop-up in a vacant lot in Tepe Park.  Through the pop-up, staff met Will, the neighbor who lived next door. Will was interested in art, and staff encouraged him to apply for Community One’s Early Action Project to paint a mural on his house. Staff also connected Will to their home repair program to replace his roof. All this became a catalyst for Will to start working on repairs himself (e.g., porch) before he received the new roof and art funding. Now, Will is more connected to Tepe Park and was one of the first residents to reply when Community One tested Tepe Park’s SMS texting.

*Names have been changed to protect community members’ identities.

About Community One

Community One connects and mobilizes neighbors across Evansville to serve one another through tangible acts of love. Community One brings neighbors together and addresses tangible neighborhood needs through neighborhood revitalization and home repairs and whole-house rehabs.

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