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Making the Case

When nonprofits prioritize effective (staff and board) leadership and governance, they are more likely to provide impactful services, do so efficiently, and be around for the long-term.

Nonprofit organizations form out of the desire to tackle social issues and bring positive changes to people and communities. They serve as the front lines in meeting the diverse needs within any community, providing resources, services and/or tools in specific areas of need. By their nature, however, most nonprofits operate on minimal budgets which limit staff positions and capacity. Consequently, only rarely, do organizations turn their attention from addressing urgent community needs, to assessing their own organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  Limited time and/or finances restrict access to training that could make staff even more effective in service provision, management practice and develop future leadership.

When it comes to organizational governance, boards are often comprised of those with great empathy for the cause, but who would welcome more clarity about their roles. Term limits also create the need for a constant pipeline of new, qualified board members.

The growing number of nonprofits multiplies these issues, and brings unique challenges for brand new organizations. For all these reasons, systematic, comprehensive, affordable training and capacity-building opportunities are critically important for both staff and board members – equipping this next generation to lead and govern.  Armed with effective leadership, nonprofits will be more likely to sustainably thrive.

Our Investment

Success in enhancing the profile of nonprofit leadership (board and staff) will be reflected in this community change: 

Directed by highly effective leadership, more nonprofits will achieve sustainability, impact, and mission fulfillment.

The Foundation will engage in one main priority:

  • Leadership Trainingand capacity building for exceptional strength in staffing and governance, in mission-critical areas like fundraising, financial management, strategic planning, evaluation, human resource management, and collaboration.

Next Generation Leadership Logic Model

Along with investments by other community partners, the Welborn Baptist Foundation will help build a strong nonprofit sector.

Our Tools

  • Expert level education and training
  • Technical assistance
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Assessment tools and data

Our Strategy


    Capacity building for exceptional strength in nonprofit leadership


  • Current and upcoming leadership (staff and board) will be equipped with effective leadership skills and competencies
  • Nonprofit leadership (staff and board) will practice more effective leadership skills and competencies
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